Joseph S. Macdonald, CPA, CA

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Automated Checklists and Reports






Advisor to CPA Firms, Professional Publishers, Public and Private Companies and Not-for-profits


Joe is a former co-chair of a small national chartered professional accounting (CPA) firm and is well versed in the issues facing small and medium sized accounting firms.

Joe is currently recruiting more authors to work with him.  However, he would be pleased to use his experience to help organizations of all types meet reporting requirements using current technology and up-to-date accounting standards and regulations. 


Expert Systems to be released 2016!

The following products are currently in peer review and field testing by leaders in the accounting industry:

1)     Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE) Disclosure
checklist  - New

2)   Corporate Tax Checklist  - Revised

3)   A product in development by a major industry publisher (content by
  3rd party authors)







Automated Checklists & Reports